Monzo abandons plan to acquire US banking licence

Monzo abandons plan to acquire US banking licence

Monzo has been forced to abandon its bid to acquire a US banking licence following a fruitless two-year discourse with regulatory authorities.

FIN On Air: Is ‘the biggest bank without a banking license’ the future of banking?

Igor Costa asks the first question to the team for FIN On Air on 18/1/18.

The full broadcast from our live show with Jason Bates and David M. Brear joined by Simon Feenan Vans-Colina from Monzo bank.

Your questions included how Open Banking might evolve in Africa, how challenger and incumbent banks might grow and become different. And some specific questions about how Monzo has developed and changed including the rollout of its API.

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Watch This Before You Get Monzo | Monzo Card Review 2023

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�� Overall, there is a good reason why Monzo has become such a popular option in the last few years, and not only because of its card design. With such a varied range of account options, all designed with useful features.

Offering different features like ‘Get Paid Early’ and ‘Bill Splitting’ really set them apart from competitors, on top of the fast and easy signup and approval process.

While many competitors have tried to catch up with similar features, Monzo and the Monzo card is in my opinion one of the best, if not the best banking option in the UK (And soon the US)

Find out more about the Monzo Card in the full Monzo Card Review!

Watch This Before You Get Monzo | Monzo Card Review 2023


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Monzo have just published their annual report and inside are some very serious issues.

Monzo have made a record loss – a record they update on an annual basis.

And even worse than that is the fact that their revenues are not growing.

Monzo’s lending business contracted over the last 12 months rather than expand.

And Monzo’s paid products have contributed £2 million in gross profit to the P &L – that’s incredibly low for a company that spent $200 million on costs.

The only revenue stream that is growing is interchange, but it is growing slower than the costs are rising.

Monzo’s Directors acknowledge the issue and have said that there is a significant risk to Monzo’s ability to continue operating.

But the Auditors have made a much stronger statement.

The auditors have stated that “a material uncertainty exists that may cast significant doubt on the group’s ability to continue as a going concern for a period of twelve months.”

The future for Monzo looks bleak based on this report. I really hope they can change their direction, but it certainly isn’t looking promising.


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