Link data highlights inexorable decline in cash usage

Link data highlights inexorable decline in cash usage

New data from the UK's Link ATM network shows an ongoing decline in the use of cash machines for withdrawing money and checking balances, as contactless cards and mobile banking services take hold.

2018 Q1 Content Highlights

We recently surveyed 2,000 business leaders and looked at data from over 500 million LinkedIn members to identify the skills that companies are working the hardest to fill this year.

In the first quarter of 2018, we released content covering those hard and soft skills: leadership; communication; collaboration; cloud and distributed computing; Python; network and information security; electronic and electrical engineering; automotive services, parts, and design; user interface design; and more.

This video features highlights from some of the courses we have published so far this year that teach the skills that are in high demand.

QuickBooks Online Crash Course Petty Cash And Cash On Hand Transactions How To Record And Manage

This QuickBooks Online Crash Course Training Tutorial will show you how to record petty cash transactions into QuickBooks Online. They do not have to be small amounts and it does not have to be called “petty cash”. Basically, any physical cash that you us to pay expenses, or collect from customers as cash with the intention of spending it for company expenses, is a “cash in hand” type of account. You will keep records of a cash on hand account in the exact same way you would if it were an account in a bank. Both a bank account and a “cash on hand” account are places that you put money in, sometimes from customers, and pay out from, for expenses. Therefore, the way you keep records for them will be the same. You need to use the “expenses” window when recording a cash payment for company expenses. You need to use the deposit window the same way you would with a bank account, when putting money into the account or physical place that you keep the cash. This is usually a “lock box”: that has a key for an authorized person to open.

This QuickBooks Online Crash Course was created for people who need to do all their annual bookkeeping at the very last minute. They also would like to do the absolute minimum amount for bookkeeping and least amount of QuickBooks work possible to be able to satisfy the Bookkeeping requirements of the I.R.S. and any other organization that requires at least basic bookkeeping. This minimum QuickBooks Online Course will give you the basic skills you need to be able to record transactions directly from the companies (or client’s) bank statements or credit card statements and input the quickly, easily and accurately. Any company that needs only a general ledger, and no other areas of data (no: receivables, payables, no inventory nor sales tax). If you are a self – employed bookkeeper, then this would be the fastest way to keep books for your clients and provide services from QuickBooks Online. Usually, these bookkeeping clients don’t care about anything except the minimum in QuickBooks.
Here’s the whole QuickBooks Online crash course playlist: &list=PLqRhgBZfJuE7VhpjK2jkOuqwjN89C1_8d

Here’s the Desktop Equivalent of The Crash Course: &list=PLqRhgBZfJuE61ZHJm0IDhrArQ81i_wEaJ

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