From green finance to access to cash, Sunak sets out vision for UK financial services reforms

From green finance to access to cash, Sunak sets out vision for UK financial services reforms

UK chancellor Rishi Sunak has published a roadmap for reforming capital markets, boosting opportunities for green investment, and protecting access to cash.

Sunak questioned on his spending revenue and tax measures – watch live

Parliament’s Treasury Committee question Rishi Sunak on his spending commitments and tax measures announced in the Budget

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British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak

Join the IOP as we welcome British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak for a virtual conversation about his rise within the Tory party, the future of conservatism in the UK, Britain’s economy post-Brexit, and the difficulty of juggling sound fiscal policy and public health during a pandemic. This program will be moderated by David Axelrod.

As chief financial minister for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Sunak has garnered international attention for his economic competence and poise in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. First elected to Parliament in 2014, Sunak has proven a staunch supporter of Brexit, fiscal discipline, and educational opportunity. Of Indian origin and a practicing Hindu, he is lauded as a politician who is representative of modern multiracial Britain and is well-known for his social media presence.

For more footage and information about the Chancellor of the Exchequer, feel free to follow their YouTube Channel — @RishiSunakMP

COP26: Financial system to be ‘rewired’ for net zero, says Sunak

In Glasgow, after all the pledges to protect the planet and ensure a greener future, the talk has turned to how to pay for it all.


Chancellor Rishi Sunak has issued a challenge to make the UK the world’s first carbon-neutral financial centre, requiring firms to set out in detail how they will move towards becoming net zero by 2050.

And trillions of dollars in private capital has been committed to help reach those targets too, thanks to a coalition of international financial companies.

But it’s all about the details.

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Speeches: Mais Lecture 2022

I set out my vision for a lower tax, higher growth economy delivering my first major speech at the annual Mais lecture.

I set out a three-pronged plan to accelerate growth and productivity focusing on capital, people and ideas; encouraging greater levels of capital investment by businesses, improving workers’ technical skills and driving up business investment in research and development.