AIB prioritises financial literacy with skills programme for 12-18-year-olds

AIB prioritises financial literacy with skills programme for 12-18-year-olds

In an effort to support 500,000 customers with their financial literacy, communication, critical thinking, and digital innovation by 2023, AIB has launched a skills programme for 12-18-year-olds called Future Sparks.

America’s Governors Discuss The Importance of Financial Education — 4/6/22

CNBC will facilitate a conversation with select governors to discuss their opinions on why financial education in schools is so critical to advancing economic opportunity for all.

The discussion will be moderated by CNBC’s Sharon Epperson. Speakers include: Phil Murphy, New Jersey Governor and Vice Chairman of the National Governors Association; Tate Reeves, Mississippi Governor, Former State Treasurer and Chartered Financial Analyst; and Steve Sisolak, Nevada Governor.

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America’s Governors Discuss The Importance of Financial Education — 4/6/22

Call grows louder to teach financial literacy to high school students

Dr. Billy Hensley of the National Endowment for Financial Education talked to Chris Holmstrom and Marci Gonzalez about how important it is for young people to be financially literate.

Financial Literacy – Full Video

■ Want less stress? More happiness? Learn how to manage your finances!

How do you make a budget? What’s an index fund? Why is compound interest so powerful? What is the time value of money? Why should you start saving now? What should credit be used for? (Hint – not pizza!)

Do you ever want to buy a house? A car?

Money and finances. It seems so complicated. But it’s really not. Discover the answers to these questions and more. Learn the basics of Financial Literacy and how to manage your money…whatever there is of it!

Educators can get a free DVD version of the video, as well as access a full teacher’s guide and other teaching resources by creating a free account at

Subject Areas:

■ Business
■ Economics
■ Family & Consumer Science
■ Mathematics

■ Banking
■ Budgeting
■ Compound Interest
■ Financial Literacy
■ Investments
■ Money Management

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0:00 Introduction
1:24 Income
2:47 Expenses & Budgeting
4:50 Assets & Saving
6:17 Stocks & Index Funds
8:38 Compound Interest & Time Value of Money
11:00 Debt & Liability
14:30 Conclusion
15:57 Discussion Question

Girl Scout Cookie Season Training Montage 2023

A small-town Utah Girl Scout gets a supremely rare chance to sell cookies to her community including a brand new cookie, the Raspberry Rally. She strives to go the distance for her self-confidence, people skills and financial literacy.

Order Girl Scout Cookies and support Avery in her quest to be come the Cookie Champion!