Access to cash should be a Universal Service Obligation says Age UK

Access to cash should be a Universal Service Obligation says Age UK

Age UK is calling on the Government to designate access to cash as a Universal Services Obligation for financial instiutions, much like the supply of electricity and drinking water to consumer homes.

Busting Myths: “Pay off Debt – Your Birth Certificate is Worth Millions”

We’re busting myths and today, and discussing an unusual way people are trying to pay their bills and other debts – using popular conspiracy theories to access “secret” Treasury Direct Accounts.


▶︎Brief history / Asserts the federal government granted a birth certificate (name in all caps – the “straw man” – also on social security, taxes, etc) and that the US government has “secret” trust accounts linked to each citizen. (Been used to avoid taxes; taxpayer claims they’re not responsible for tax obligation of “straw man”)

▶︎Asserts the birth certificate “bond” created when you were born that prepays all of your debts. (US government declared bankruptcy in 1933 when the country went off the gold standard. Claims that the bankrupt country, in an effort to prevent foreclosure, pledged all Americans to “International Bankers” as collateral for the national debt. As a result, we are all slaves, and our birth certificates are traded on the markets as bonds worth millions.)
▶︎The IRS has categorized “redemption”, “strawman”, and “Bond Fraud” under Scams and Safety.

▶︎Acceptance for Value
▶︎Sight Drafts / Bills of Exchange / Promissory Bonds
▶︎”Drawing such drafts on the U.S. Treasury is fraudulent and violation of federal law.” – Treasury Dept.
▶︎”It is a violation to Federal Law to misuse the Treasury seal or the words, titles, symbols, or emblems of the Treasury Department, or any service, bureau, office or Treasury subdivision; see 31 U.S.C. 333.”

▶︎Claims you can access your “secret trust” aka your “TDA” or Treasury Direct Account using your social security number and Federal Reserve routing number.
▶︎”Individuals do not have accounts at the Federal Reserve.The Federal Reserve provides banking services only for banks. Individuals do not have accounts at the Federal Reserve.” – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
▶︎”Law enforcement, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is aware of this scheme, and the Federal Reserve Banks, including the New York Fed, have been cooperating with law enforcement in their investigations. Individuals who participate in such schemes could face criminal charges.” – Federal Reserve Bank of New York

▶︎Those who have already tried these fraudulent forms of paying debt have already learned that it does not work. Federal Reserve Banks do not hold individual accounts, so your “payment” will be reversed or rejected and when it is, you will not only still owe the debt, but likely have incurred additional fees and may even have been sued, making yourself a candidate for wage garnishment or levy.
▶︎You will see claims that it worked in comment threads and such, but no real, long-term proof has ever been shown, to my knowledge.
▶︎In addition, you may find yourself slapped with hefty fees, fines and penalties, under FBI investigation, arrested and/or charged with a crime.




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