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So people you know, we are always trying to make something new and exciting. And it will continue this year. At 15:03 we will start Viva la Electronica Club Tour. For this special occasion, we have invited a Dream Act, which will take us this evening on a big trip. 

Jan Blomqvist, the musical prodigy from Berlin will miss us by means of his voice and live sets goose bumps, which would be unbearable for normal people. The Berliner by choice conjures up with his music, even with the bleakest winter depression Jan will put a smile on your face. With his live performance can be quickly forgotten once... we actually still in deep winter sleep linger. 
The party is taking place in a new and very nice location. 
With two floors we will do everything to give you the feeling of summer, as we can only know. In addition to Mr. Blomqvist you DJs like Bob Morane, Kevin Over and djs that will hammer the summer sounds in your ears until you think to leave the club with a sunburn. 
If that's not enough, you go down a level in the generator room, and there's loads for batteries again. Theres gonna happen too much this evening. Much to be said .... The ground will shake, the ears glow, the faces radiate, the confetti will rain, cats and dogs and animals will fly. We give all this evening to get to your head and to bring a night to remember.
Jan Blomqvist ( Still Vor Talent / Dantze )
Kevin Over ( Noir Musik / Seoul Community )
Bob Morane ( Viva la electronica / seoul Community )
Carlo Loco ( STRASSENMUSIK / Viva La Electronica )
EinDas ( STRASSENMUSIK/ Viva La Electronica )
Maos ( Ruhrpott No Limit )
Samurai ( Resole )
4Klang ( Resole )
Open doors: 23h 
Entry : 10,-


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