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Frohnatur Resident / Strassenmusik Resident

Eindas’ interest in electronic music began late, however he never expected that this will change his life. He got a hold of his first turntables with the age of nineteen. After a couple of sleepless nights in the electronic music scene in Essen, his interest was grew rapidly so as his skills on the turntables. Unfortunately he never had the chance to play in his favorite club before its closed, however this didn't stop him from turning his dream into reality . Time passed by and he realised that his hobby turned into something bigger, something where he can express himself in a different way.

In 2011 Eindas and and his close friend Carlo Loco had a small idea in order to keep the family together they came up with Strassenmusik (open air event). As each party Strassenmusik started small. Berlin's lifestyle fascinated Eindas and Carlo Loco with its underground parties and served as rolemodel.

Two years later he already played in some of the favotrite clubs in Germany. The Hotel Shanghai in Essen and the Weidendamm in Hannover are just 2 big names of his club biography.

In 2012 things got bigger for him and his crew. At the Weststadthalle essen he played beside djs like Santé, and Gunnar stiller in front of 900 people. Since 2013 he is one of the Viva la Electronica Artist and he is very proud to be a part of it.


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