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Carlo Loco's interest in electronic music rose early. He got a hold of his turntables with the age of 18. He continued practicing on and on to get his dream realized. It was about performing at some clubs in his hometown Essen like "Hotel Shanghai" or "Gold Club". His fascination about these clubs and the whole scene was getting unbreakable. This brought him to take a huge step with his closed friend Eindas. They launched "Strassenmusik" - An open-air based event with his roots in berlin's underground scene. As each party Strassenmusik started small. Their intention was to share their passion for electronic music in their region.

After several parties Strassenmusik expanded more and more. It affect the mind of the people and grew to something bigger. Strassenmusik was no longer only an event but more an attitude and vibe. This was a turning point for Strassenmusik and Carlo loco. His love of music and connecting people had brought him tribute. Most would stop there but he's still looking forward to realize more of his ambition. In the past 2 years since STRASSENMUSIK was launched many events took place and he came by to play at "Hotel Shanghai". Carlo simply followed his passion for music and he is quite devoted to this. It's about staying close to what he loves! His sound is described as deep impulsive house full of bulky baselines. With his 23 years of age Carlo Loco is ready to take the next step on Viva La Electronica.


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