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It all started in 2000 when the blistering sound of techno clanged through the door of Audífono's sister. At that time, he had no idea what this music was about, but he was pretty interested in it.
After a bunch of underground parties and a few self bought vinyls, everything seemed very clear. He was caught in kind of a flush which has not released him until now.
Audífono then started djing in 2001. At the beginning, he played techno and house music and fell in love with labels like Perlon and Playhouse. A couple of years later, he started playing at parties and radio stations throughout Germany. 
Year in year out he kept on doing this. Besides making music, he studied, spent two years in the UK and got influenced by all kinds of music because of his constantly moving home. These experiences as well as countless influences characterise his DJ sets which are like showbags – you never know what to expect from them!
Today, he finally found a constant home in Berlin. He still enjoys good parties, after hours as well as 24/7 kiosks. Furthermore, he is a proud member of the Viva la Electronica /Boxx Group mob. His present music style is located somewhere in between house and minimal techno with a gentle touch of indie music.



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